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Brothers Signature Catering
& Events History

Original Brothers Resturant

Our story is one of growth based on word of mouth from folks who appreciate fresh, delicious, thoughtfully prepared food just as much as we do. Founded in 1988 as a family-style restaurant by the Kashou Family, the company expanded to include several cafés in office buildings throughout San Diego.

It wasn’t long before fans of the cafés began asking "Brothers" to cater their events. From the beginning, the Kashous focused on going the extra mile, forgoing boring, rubber-chicken fare for innovative, whimsical menus developed along with clients to guarantee total satisfaction.

Over the years, we expanded the business to cover weddings and other special events, making for a one-stop resource for affairs of all types and sizes. Behind a cavalcade of successful, individually tailored events, Brothers Signature Catering & Events opened a state-of-the-art catering facility in San Diego’s Miramar area in 2015, working closely with San Diego Gas & Electric’s Innovation Center to remain as green and energy-efficient as possible. What started as a 200-seat restaurant has evolved into a fine tuned catering operation with a great track record. We look forward to serving you!

Please contact us today with any questions you may have:

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