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How To Avoid These 4 Problems That Can Happen at Holiday Office Parties

How To Avoid These 4 Problems That Can Happen at Holiday Office Parties

Office parties offer employees the chance to let their hair down during the festive period and get to enjoy casual socializing with their co-workers and supervisors. While many parties provide unforgettable experiences that help strengthen the bond between employees, there are times when problems can arise.

This is because office parties offer an odd social situation where business and alcohol mix, which can often lead to a few drunken faux pas that leave your professional reputation in tatters. Here’s how to avoid these 4 problems happen at holiday office parties:

1. Drinking Too Much

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Almost every problem that happens at an office party can be avoided by ensuring you don’t drink too much alcohol. After too many drinks, employees often see their inhibitions loosen, giving opportunity to act inappropriately.

Whether it’s making fun of someone, making a pass at a co-worker, or simply being a drunk pest to be around, drinking too much usually leads to some problems at the office party.

In the worst case, you may end up receiving a complaint or even be fired for your actions when drunk, while you may find yourself subject to never ending gossip and a few awkward interactions in the following days.

So, always be mindful of how much you’re drinking - always limit your drinking to ensure you remain level-headed.

2. Dressing Inappropriately

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This problem can often occur from miscommunication or a lack of judgement but it’s important to avoid dressing too inappropriately. Doing so can cause co-workers and management to make judgements that you would rather avoid.

Remember, while it’s a holiday party, this is still a business occasion so you should dress appropriately. This isn’t to say you can’t dress up. Ditch the boring work clothes for something fun and festive - just ensure your outfit is tasteful and not too suggestive.

A great way to avoid this problem is for management to give recommended attire to ensure people follow an appropriate dress code and avoid wearing anything too risqué.

3. Behaving Inappropriately

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While most inappropriate behavior at office parties can be linked to too much alcohol that isn’t to say you can’t act inappropriately when sober or after a few drinks. Your boss and co-workers are here, so never act out of character or show an unpleasant side of yourself.

This is mostly common sense but don’t make the mistake of acting foolishly. For instance, is the joke you want to tell really appropriate for the workplace? Are you sharing too much personal information that might make someone uncomfortable? Is flirting really a good idea?

Avoid acting or saying anything crude and inappropriate unless you want to embarrass yourself and others.

4. Bringing Uninvited Guests

It’s never a good idea to bring uninvited guests to the holiday office party, especially if it’s an employee-only affair. Many parties are fine with you bringing your spouse or partner but this is usually it unless stated otherwise.

If it isn’t clear whether you can bring your partner, either assume it is not or get clarification before the party happens. You want to avoid annoying your boss or co-workers in this situation, while you may also make your guest feel embarrassed if they are not supposed to attend.

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