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Terms & Conditions

Children’s / Vendor Meals

We have also created wonderful children’s meals (10 and under). We will also provide vendor meals to accompany your menu at the same price as your agreed-to menu items. Should you require either of these for your event, just let your Catering Event Manager know.


Administration / Operations Fee

The service fee is an industry standard charge which covers our costs to “bring the restaurant to you.” This fee is not a gratuity. It covers the costs of ancillary labor not itemized on your contract (culinary staff in our kitchen and administrative costs, insurance costs and other ‘behind the scenes’ expenses.


Change of Event Date or Venue

If you change the Event Date or venue, we will apply the entire balance of your deposit and any prepayments towards the new event, subject to our availability. All costs, in that case, will be subject to change.


Final Attendance

We will ask you to give us a final attendance guarantee [ten] business days before the Event Date so that we can make final arrangements. If you do not provide us with the final figures by that date, we will consider the number indicated in the original arrangements to be the correct and guaranteed number of guests.


Guest Reduction

The guarantee is not subject to reduction after this [ten] business-day deadline.



Upon receipt of this Agreement, you will have one week to return the electronically signed Agreement along with a deposit representing 25% of the Event Total.


Staffing Costs

Our invoice will include all charges for staffing from time of arrival to and including the final cleanup of the Event. You will be billed for additional staff hours if your event does not adhere to the agreed upon time-line. Overtime will be charge at time and a half for each server present.



Brothers does not charge a gratuity for the service staff. At the client’s discretion, any extra tip or gratuity will be distributed to the service staff.


State and Local Taxes

All applicable state and local taxes are included in the Event Total.



We reserve the right to increase the number of staff if the guaranteed guest count is 10% higher than the estimated number you have provided.


Menu Changes

You can make changes in the menu selection up to [30] days before the Event Date.


Menu Costs

If a drastic change in the cost of an ingredient(s) within your menu is established you have two options: (1) A new cost (maintaining your present menu) will be assessed based on current market prices and you may agree to the new price, or (2) Substitute menu item(s) will be presented to you in order for you to maintain the agreed upon (per person) menu price.


Significant Changes

If you wish to make a significant change in menu ingredient(s), you have two options: (1) You will be assessed an updated cost (maintaining your present menu) based on current market prices and you may agree to the new price, or (2) We will offer substitute menu items (in order for you to maintain the agreed upon (per person) menu price. or (2) We will offer substitute menu items (in order for you to maintain the agreed upon (per person) menu price.


To prevent food-borne illness, Brothers cannot provide you with leftovers.



We assume no responsibility for ANY damage or loss of any merchandise, alcohol, equipment, furniture, clothing or other valuables before, during or after the Event. We will do everything possible to ensure that all of your supplies, rentals and equipment are cared for and maintained in good working order and without any damage



The client grants Brothers permission to use any photographs taken at the contracted event for advertising purposes. Brothers from time to time may take pictures and/or moving images during the set-up, take down, or the actual event. These images will remain the property of Brothers. All ownership including copyright as well as other rights, title and interest in and to those recordings shall belong exclusively to Brothers and the producing company and may be used for advertising for Brothers.


We maintain appropriate General Liability and Automobile insurance.

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