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The Brothers Team

Linda Kashou

Owner / President

Julie Kashou

Owner / Chief Financial Officer

Merna Kashou

Owner / Secretary

Eddie Kashou

Owner / Accounting

Jimmy Kashou

Owner / Director of Sales & Catering

Steve Kashou

Owner / Purchasing

Mickey Martinez

Chef de Cuisine

James Clark

Executive Chef

Javier Gomez

Executive Sous Chef

Matthew Kashou

Logistic Manager

Tony Mariscal

Catering Sales & Account Mgmt. 

Steve Thury

Director of Events

Lisa Gradillas

Catering Sales & Account Mgmt.

Jocelyn Sarnow

Catering Sales & Account Mgmt.

Even before starting the company, the Kashou's worked together as a family. Today they remain the sturdy backbone of Brothers Signature Catering & Events, ensuring business stability so their talented staff can be laser-focused on each customer to make sure their events go off without a hitch. The Kashou's believe in treating their staff as part of the family.

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