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Wedding Menu Options
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Brothers Serving Options


Buffet Style - Served by Brothers cooking staff to ensure a smooth process, offer assistance with any requests and a clean & sanitary serving environment.


Stations - Spread around the room or put closely together based on logistics and preference. The benefit is pairing food options together and to allow for less congestion.


Family Style - The perfect blend between informal but elegant. Large serving dishes will be brought to your table where you and your guests will be able to serve themselves.


Plated Full Sit Down - Have all your guests meals plated, and brought to their table by our fine dining staff. This format is for those looking to impress their guests on a formal occasion by showing top of the line presentation & service.

Please contact us today with any questions you may have:

phone-text:  858-397-1777 •  email:  Brothers Catering  •  contact:  Contact Us



Charcuterie Display

selection of cured meats, pickled vegetables, marinated mushrooms

with baguette, crostini & flatbreads

Hummus Trio

roasted garlic, red bell pepper & white truffle mushroom

with savory pita chips & garlic naan bread


Farmer’s Market Vegetable Display

assorted seasonal fresh, grilled & pickled vegetables, marinated

mushrooms & olives with a pesto dipping sauce


Artisan Cheese Display

imported & domestic cheeses, roasted nuts, dried & fresh fruits, berries,

quince paste, crackers, flatbreads, crostini & flavored baguettes


Flatbread & Lavash Bar

basil pesto, kalamata olive tapenade, goat cheese spread, buffalo mozzarella, grilled vegetable ratatouille, dried fruit, bourbon apple compote & roasted nuts with

assorted flatbreads & crispy lavash 


Bruschetta Bar

 heirloom tomato & basil bruschetta, kalamata olive tapenade, Mediterranean green olive tapenade with house made chips, flatbreads, crostini & lavash


Hors d'oeuvres

Blackened Cajun Shrimp

topped on parmesan risotto cake

& Louisiana butter remoulade

Chicken & Jack Cheese Hand Pie

(made in puff pastry)

with house roasted salsa dipping sauce


Other Selections Available:

Spicy BBQ chicken

Italian meatball

"Sunday Pot Roast Supper"

Turkey Burger


House-Made Meatball In-House

Chipotle Sauce


Other Options:

marinara or lemon-dill sauce (2pp)


Chicken Skewers

served with a lemon-rosemary dipping sauce


Beef & Blue Cheese Crostini


House Specialty Tr-tip

blue cheese, pickled red onions, micro greens


Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto



Coconut Shrimp

with sweet chili sauce (2pp)


Tuscan Flatbread

with caramelized onions, goat cheese, pancetta, arugula with balsamic drizzle


Smoked Salmon Dill Cream Cheese Cucumber Bite



Mini Angus Beef Patty

topped with caramelized sweet onions, gorgonzola cheese, & chipotle aioli

served on a mini brioche bun


Crab Cake

topped with garlic lemon herb remoulade


Jumbo Shrimp Shooters

with cocktail sauce

Warm Artichoke & Spinach Dip

served with sliced baguette

Tilapia Ceviche Shooters

with micro cilantro


Chipotle Braised Mini Short Rib

on sweet potato mash served in bamboo cup


Baked Brie en Croute

with roasted pears & candied pecans, 9" wheel, 40 approx. servings


Hand Pie

healthy greens, spinach, kale, mushroom,

Parmesan & mozzarella


Hand Pie 

loaded potato-mashed potatoes,

cheddar, & green onions


Watermelon Cubes

with feta, mint, & balsamic drizzle (2pp)


Garden Bruschetta Crostini

with balsamic drizzle (2pp)


Fig Spread

brie, & walnut crostini (2pp)


Garlic Herbed Cream Cheese

Stuffed Mushroom Caps

with Panko & Parmesan (2pp)


Classic Deviled Eggs



Pesto Spinach Flatbread

with parmesan, mozzarella, feta, & balsamic drizzle


Cauliflower Ceviche Shooters

with micro cilantro


Antipasto Skewers

with artichoke, Buffalo mozzarella, olive,

& cherry tomato (2pp)


Caprese Skewers

fresh basil, mozzarella, & tomato

with balsamic drizzle (2pp)


Thai Mango Cabbage Cups

with baked tofu & fresh mango salsa served in cabbage leaf "cup"

Tray Passed One

Salad Menu

Butter Lettuce Salad

butter lettuce, roasted pears, goat cheese, candied pecans,

with a champagne vinaigrette

Heirloom Tomato & Burrata Salad

arugula, heirloom red and yellow tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and a balsamic drizzle with lemon pepper


Spring Harvest Salad

baby spinach, fresh strawberries, feta cheese, candied pecans

with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette 


Fruity Nutty Salad

leaf greens with red grapes, dried cranberries, strawberries, candied pecans,

walnuts, & a mango balsamic dressing 


Classic Caesar

hearts of romaine, aged parmesan, garlic croutons,

served with creamy Caesar dressing

Signature Sides 

Grilled Asparagus

with olive oil, shaved Parmesan cheese, & lemon zest 

Roasted Rosemary & Garlic Fingerling Potatoes 


Grilled Seasoned Broccolini 


Cauliflower Mash Creamy Herbed 


Parmesan Risotto Garlic & Shallot Green Beans

garnished with roasted almonds 


Wild Rice Cranberry Pilaf 


Roasted Herbed Brussels Sprouts & Carrots 


Yukon Gold Garlic Whipped Mashed Potatoes 


Au Gratin Potatoes 


Balsamic Heirloom Oven-Roasted

Rainbow Carrots 


Sautéed Garlic Spinach

with blistered cherry tomatoes



From the Range

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon

with mushroom ragout in a sundried cranberry bourbon demi-glace (premium)

Herb Crusted Flat Iron Steak

served with red wine demi-glace and creamy horseradish (premium) 


Beef Wellington Tenderloin

with classic Madeira wine sauce (premium) 


Slow-Braised Short Ribs

with red wine reduction (premium) 

Top Round Sirloin

served with rosemary demi & horseradish

cream sauce 


Herb Seasoned Flank Steak

with an Argentinean chimichurri (premium +$5 per person) 

Chicken Milanese

with bacon Dijon cream sauce Lemon basil bruschetta chicken with seasoned tomatoes,

fresh basil, asiago cheese,

& a balsamic drizzle 


Chicken Marsala

with mushrooms in our house made

Marsala wine sauce 


Tuscan Stuffed Chicken Breast

with sautéed mushrooms, spinach, and wild rice pilaf. With a garlic cream sauce (premium)


Airline Chicken Breast

with a thyme chardonnay beurre blanc (premium)


Burgundy Choice Tri-tip

in a burgundy wine sauce 

From the Sea

Blackened Salmon

with pineapple mango salsa


Grilled Salmon

with a lemon beurre blanc 


Herbed Seasoned Pan-Seared Salmon

with a roasted tomato romesco sauce 


Pan-Seared Branzino

with a lemon caper sauce (per market price; seasonal) 


Prosciutto-Wrapped Halibut

with fresh thyme in a shallot thyme white wine sauce (premium) 


Lemon Pepper-Crusted Sea Bass

with a citrus herb butter sauce with sautéed spinach

& blistered cherry tomatoes (premium)

mini dessert bites

Late Night Nosh

Pretzel Station

Includes Display

Butter Brushed Soft Pretzels with Sea Salt

served with cheddar cheese sauce, green chili cheese sauce,

habanero whole grain mustard & whipped cinnamon butter 


Pop Corn Bar

Includes Pop Corn Machine

cheddar, parmesan, ranch, cracked pepper & Himalayan sea salt,

mesquite, cinnamon-sugar & Mexican coco


Brothers S’mores Bar

Includes S’mores Sticks & Fire 

milk chocolate, marshmallows & graham crackers 

Churro Bar 

includes mini cinnamon churros, Mexican hot chocolate sauce,

mixed berry coulis, dolce de leche & cream cheese icing 


Donut Wall

Includes Display

assorted donuts


Mini Dessert Bites

Options Include

mini assorted gourmet dessert bites, mini dessert shot glasses, assorted macaroons, mini cupcakes, fudge brownies & chocolate covered strawberries  

Fresh Fruit

Bridal Bites

Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit


Dinner Roll Sandwiches

turkey & havarti dill roast beef & cheddar caprese with

basil pesto aioli ham & swiss


Tea Sandwiches

cucumber, sprouts & herbed butter smoked salmon & dill

cream cheese curry chicken salad


Gourmet Cheese Platter

served with crackers & toasted crostini


Fresh Cut Seasonal Vegetables

served with herb dip

Quiche Muffins

smoked ham & cheddar cheese, vegetable-mushroom, cheddar cheese, spinach & broccoli hickory smoked bacon, caramelized onion & goat cheese

farmhouse ham, bacon, spinach, cheddar cheese & mushrooms


Assorted Sweet Breads 


Parfait Cups

vanilla yogurt & granola served with seasonal berries

Hummus & Pita Chips

cilantro red pepper traditional sun-dried tomato

wedding table setting

Terms & Conditions

Children’s / Vendor Meals

We have also created wonderful children’s meals (10 and under). We will also provide vendor meals to accompany your menu at an affordable price based on agreed-to menu items. Should you require either of these for your event, just let your Catering Event Manager know.


Production Fee

The service fee is an industry standard charge which covers our costs to “bring the restaurant to you.” This fee is not a gratuity. It covers the costs of ancillary labor not itemized on your contract (culinary staff in our kitchen and administrative costs, insurance costs and other behind the scenes’ expenses).


Change of Event Date or Venue

If you change the event date or venue, we will apply the entire balance of your deposit and any prepayments towards the new event, subject to our availability. All costs, in that case, will be subject to change.


Final Attendance

We will ask you to give us a final attendance guarantee [fourteen] business days before the Event Date so that we can make final arrangements. If you do not provide us with the final figures by that date, we will consider the number indicated in the original arrangements to be the correct and guaranteed number of guests.


Guest Reduction

The guarantee is not subject to reduction after this [fourteen] business-day deadline. Should the final guaranteed guest count drop below 25% of the original contracted guest count, your final per person meal price is subject to change. 


Upon receipt of this Agreement, you will have one week to return the signed agreement along with a deposit representing 25% of the Event Total which will be deemed non-refundable.


Staffing Costs

Our invoice will include all charges for staffing from time of arrival to and including the final cleanup of the event. You will be billed for additional staff hours if your event does not adhere to the agreed upon timeline. Overtime will be charge at time and a half for each server present.



Brothers does not charge a gratuity for the service staff. At the client’s discretion, any extra tip or gratuity will be distributed to the service staff.


State & Local Taxes

All applicable state and local taxes are included in the Event Total.


We reserve the right to increase the number of staff if the guaranteed guest count is 10% higher than the estimated number you have provided.


Menu Changes

You can make changes in the menu selection up to [30] days before the Event Date.


Menu Costs

If a drastic change in the cost of an ingredient(s) within your menu is established you have two options: (1) A new cost (maintaining your present menu) will be assessed based on current market prices and you may agree to the new price, or (2) Substitute menu item(s) will be presented to you in order for you to maintain the agreed upon (per person) menu price.


Significant Changes

If you wish to make a significant change in menu ingredient(s), you have two options: (1) You will be assessed an updated cost (maintaining your present menu) based on current market prices and you may agree to the new price, or (2) We will offer substitute menu items (in order for you to maintain the agreed upon (per person) menu price.


To prevent food-borne illness, Brothers cannot provide you with leftovers.



We assume no responsibility for any damage or loss of any merchandise, alcohol, equipment, furniture, clothing or other valuables before, during or after the Event. We will do everything possible to ensure that all your supplies, rentals and equipment are cared for and maintained in good working order and without any damage.


The client grants Brothers permission to use any photographs taken at the contracted event for advertising purposes. Brothers from time to time may take pictures and/or moving images during the set-up, take down, or the actual event. These images will remain the property of Brothers. All ownership including copyright as well as other rights, title and interest in and to those recordings shall belong exclusively to Brothers and the producing company and may be used for advertising for Brothers.


We maintain appropriate General Liability and Automobile insurance.

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