4 Reasons Your Guests Will Love a Catered Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding is usually stressful. From deciding on a venue to choosing a theme to working on a guest list - there are so many things to plan for it’s easy to see how things can get overwhelming. One of the most important things to plan for a wedding is the food, as you want to ensure that guests are well-fed at the reception so they can party long into the night. Choosing to have a catered wedding reception for your guests is a great way of reducing some of stresses of planning the event. Not only that, your guests are sure to love having a catered meal for many reasons! Delicious Food A professional catering company’s reputation lives and dies by the quality of its food. That means t

6 Catering Ideas for Summertime Wedding Receptions

Summer is the perfect time for a wedding, giving friends and family the chance to celebrate the special day in pleasant weather. Of course, summers can get quite hot depending on where you live, so guests will need plenty of nice food and drink during the wedding reception to help them survive the day! Catering is a great idea for any wedding, as it allows you to choose the perfect menu that follows the wedding theme. Moreover, catering is ideal for a summertime wedding reception as you can create a menu that is suitable for the weather, be it during a hot sunny afternoon or a cool summer evening. Here are 6 catering ideas for a summertime wedding reception: Drink Ideas Iced Tea Station What

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