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6 Vegan Food Ideas That Are Great for Holiday Parties

6 Vegan Food Ideas That Are Great for Holiday Parties

The holidays are a favorite time of the year for many people. Mostly because of the sparkly ornaments on trees, twinkly lights, and more time spent with family and friends. Not to mention the great holiday parties. These holiday parties accompany lots of amazing foods and there are plenty of vegan options that can be enjoyed at the gathering.

Following are 6 vegan food ideas that are great for holiday parties:

1. Homemade Cranberry Sauce

vegan catering san diego cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is a great condiment to have on the table this holiday season. It matches your vegan main course as you can pair it with virtually anything that you would like to enjoy it with. Not only is this recipe suitable for vegans but it is also homemade. The cranberry sauce is made of healthy ingredients like pure orange juice and fresh cranberries. The flavor of cinnamon and the zest of the orange will complement each other well and you will be asking yourself why you have not tried this delicious recipe sooner.

2. Dijon Roasted Whole Cauliflower

vegan catering san diego cauliflower

Although the cauliflower is becoming popular among many restaurants, you can make it a part of your holiday party as well. This cauliflower is roasted in a delicious Dijon sauce. Mix all the ingredients to create the sauce and in the end, douse the cauliflower in it. Roasting the cauliflower will create a wonderful flavor and a tender texture.

3. Vegan Mushroom Rolls

You can transform the classic recipe of mushroom rolls into a vegan-friendly one that is also suitable for meat eaters. These vegan-friendly mushroom rolls are savory, flaky and would be a great addition to your holiday party menu. First, create an herby mushroom filling from onion and garlic, breadcrumbs, a few seasonings, and of course, mushrooms. Once the mixture is ready, wrap it with ready-rolled puff pastry.

4. Vegan Mushroom Wellington

vegan catering san diego mushroom wellington

Vegan mushroom wellington is another great main course option. This recipe is also excellent for meat-eating individuals. It basically the same as a beef wellington but the idea is reinvented by using ingredients that are vegan-friendly. The filling is made from portobello mushrooms, onions, Dijon mustard, and spinach. Portobello mushrooms are a great substitute for meat because they give the ‘meaty’ texture when cooked.

5. Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a must at every big event, particularly during the holidays. They are simply irresistible, creamy, and fluffy. Most mashed potato recipes require butter and cream which are obviously not vegan-friendly. However, you can transform this classic dish into one that is suitable for vegans. You simply need to make a few substitutions to make vegan mashed potatoes.

6. Vegan Mini Pecan Pies

vegan catering san diego

A holiday dinner party is incomplete without dessert. You can finish off your lovely holiday dinner with delicious vegan mini pecan pies. Although you can usually find vegan pie crust at your local supermarket, if it is not available, you can make your own. The sugary filling is made up of maple syrup, coconut sugar, pecans, and a few other tasty ingredients.

Need help with these and more vegan holiday party menu items? We offer holiday party catering in San Diego!

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