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5 Incredibly Popular Food Choices for Corporate Catering

Nothing helps a corporate event go over smoothly more than good food. With a full stomach of enjoyable cuisine, meetings and conferences become much less of a chore while the general mood of the event is always much better when everyone is well fed.

Better still, with the right menu available you can impress the people that need impressing at a corporate event, while providing good catering options also shows your appreciation of employees involved in the event.

Try using any of these five incredibly popular corporate catering food choices for your next event!

1. Taco Bar

A taco bar is a great choice for corporate catering because it leaves plenty of options for people to eat. Simply choose whatever ingredients you want included for the tacos and let everyone help themselves to their taco of choice.

Better still, taco bars are easy to make into a healthy option depending on your choice of fillings, while classic taco options offer that perfect comfort food to get people in a good mood.

2. Sandwiches and Salads

Light lunch fare always goes over well, which is why sandwiches and salads are a solid choice for those midday corporate events. Again, this is a versatile option with plenty of different food choices for breads, fillings, and salads, while being easy to cater towards specific dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc.

3. Southern

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with wholesome food for your corporate event, and it doesn’t get more wholesome than southern style fare. Fried chicken and BBQ food may not be the healthiest option, but it certainly hits a sweet spot.

4. Mediterranean

The great thing about Mediterranean food is how light and easy going it is - a perfect way to avoid feeling bloated and tired from a heavy meal.

Another good reason for Mediterranean is that it’s very healthy, consisting of a wide range of delicious vegetables to make all kinds of awesome salads, while grilled chicken and fresh pastas are also a wonderful addition.

5. Japanese

Asian cuisine is a staple of many corporate meetings, but rather than going for the classic Chinese option consider choosing Japanese - it’s more popular than ever and offers a wonderful range of delicious foods.

Sushi is a great place to start, although it’s not always for everyone, but it’s easy to add rice bowls and ramen for those that aren’t crazy for fish.

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