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5 Creative Catering Ideas for Your Next Valentine’s Day Event

If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day event this year there are many great catering ideas to consider. Whether hosting a party for multiple guests, a small intimate gathering, or a charity event, there are no shortage of love-themed food and drink ideas to get guests in the romantic mood. The type of event you host will influence what catering ideas are most suitable, but the great thing about Valentine’s catering is there is simply an abundance of fantastic ideas to suit every type of event.

Here are 5 creative catering ideas for your next Valentine’s Day event:

1. Romantic Cooking Classes

Why serve the food when you can have guests do it themselves? Cooking classes are a great way to entertain during a Valentine’s Day event, giving guests the opportunity to have fun cooking with their partner - and maybe even some friendly competition if each guest makes something for their partner.

You can use traditionally romantic foods to create a romantic menu that guests get the make themselves - an Italian menu is usually romantic! It’s all very fun and light-hearted, giving partners the chance to bond over some cooking while enjoying a bite to eat at the same time.

2. Wine and Chocolate Tasting

It’s not really Valentine’s Day without some wine and chocolate, so why not arrange a tasting event for your guests? The wine and chocolate tasting can be included as part of a meal for couples or be the entire focus of the event - although having some food to soak up the wine is usually a good idea!

Champagne is a good alternative to wine, while you can also try adding some different romantic foods to try instead of just chocolate. Perhaps a natural aphrodisiac such as oysters?

3. Sweet Treats

Sweet treats are a mainstay of any Valentine’s day catering event and there are many options to choose from. Whether it’s indulgent desserts, decadent chocolate sauce with strawberries, or even a fun Valentine’s candy shop gift bag, showering your guests with sweat treats is always a great idea.

4. Cocktail Making

The great thing about making cocktails for a Valentine’s Day event is it appeals to all demographics. Love birds, singles, and long-term couples all appreciate a tasty cocktail on Valentine’s Day, so why not have everyone making cocktails together?

5. Family Events

Letting parents enjoy a Valentine’s Event without needing to worry about a babysitter is as creative as it gets. Instead of making the event exclusively for adults, you could introduce a children’s menu and have a designated area for the kids while giving parents the opportunity to enjoy a romantic meal together.

You can use traditional Valentine’s Day meals for the adults and fun love-themed kid’s meals to keep everyone satisfied.

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