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7 Tasty Wedding Favor Ideas for 2019

Wedding favors are a great way to show your guests appreciation for attending your special day, with edible wedding favors being one of the hottest trends in recent years. Offering a fun and creative way to thank attendees, edible wedding favors are easy to personalize and are very popular amongst guests, giving plenty of reason to splash out on some tasty wedding favors for the big day.

One of the great things about edible wedding favors is how many options there are! There are countless types of tasty wedding favors to suit all preferences and budgets, so it’s easy to get the perfect favor for every wedding. Here are 7 tasty wedding favor ideas for 2019:

1. Cookies

Cookies are a go-to option for wedding favors and for good reason - they’re easy to personalize, taste great, and simple to make. There are many wedding themed shapes and decorations that can be used to create tasty wedding favor cookies, which go down well with guests looking for a sweet treat later in the evening.

2. Nougat

Another highly versatile treat, there are various types of nougat recipes that are a perfect fit for wedding favors. Sweet and nutty, nougat is a delicious favour that guests will be excited to tuck into once they get home - if they can wait that long!

3. Macarons

One of the must-have wedding favors of 2019, macarons will certainly impress guests and show your gratitude, offering a wonderfully rich confectionary that is sure to hit all the right spots. Macarons are easily personalized with various colors and fillings, so it’s possible to match them to the wedding theme.

4. Jam

Offering a small jar of jam as a wedding favor is the perfect choice for outdoor garden weddings during the summer, although this tasty treat will be well received any time of the year! If you want to go for something more exotic, swap out the jam for a tasty chutney.

5. Candy Love Hearts

You cannot go wrong with a classic! Candy love hearts are the sweet treat guests love to enjoy at weddings, while getting personalized candies with special messages just for your wedding event is also a popular option.

6. Donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts? As a wedding favor, donuts are a great choice as there are many variations you can go for, such as glazed, sugar coated, and jelly, while donut holes are also becoming a popular choice for favors.

7. Marshmallow

Soft, sweet, and available in many flavors, marshmallow favors are another good choice. You can even have fun designs etched onto the marshmallows to add some character - how about smiling faces or mini bride and groom mallows?

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