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6 Important Steps for Planning a Family Reunion

Family reunions can be a satisfying and fun way to reconnect with family members who have a busy work schedule or live out of town, or relatives that you don’t see often in your everyday life. The success of any gathering lies in the preparation and planning, and this is particularly the case when it comes to a family reunion.

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Following are 6 important steps for planning a family reunion:

1. Create a List of Family Members Attending the Reunion

This is the first step in planning a family reunion. Create a list of all the family members that will attend the reunion. This is a very important step because knowing who is coming will help you plan the reunion accordingly.

2. Choose a Location

Choosing a location is the second main decision in planning a family reunion. There are many great locations to hold family reunions. These include parks, resorts, ranches, cruises, national parks, and old family homesteads. However, there are several things that need to be considered when choosing a location. The best way to choose a location is to send out a survey to all your family members attending the reunion and get their input before making a decision.

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3. Set the Date

Once a location is selected, you need to set the date for the gathering. It is recommended that you choose the time that will work best for everyone. There’s no point in setting a date for a reunion when no one can attend. Different times of the year will work better depending on the location. After setting the date, you will need to make the reservations.

4. Come Up with Entertainment Ideas

To entertain everyone, you should choose activities that both children and adults will enjoy. Come up with some great family reunion ideas. The location plays a big part in what activities you can plan. Ice breakers are a great way to start the family reunion, particularly if it has been quite some time since everyone has gathered. Nametags may also be a good idea if there is a large group of people.

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5. Book a Catering Service

When it comes to feeding the family on the day of the gathering, you have two options. You can either cook yourself or book a catering service. Having the event catered is highly recommended as by doing that you won’t have to spend your entire time preparing food. Professional catering companies provide quality services that can help you make sure that your catered family reunion party is an event to remember. A good caterer will take responsibility for all aspects of your menu.

6. Invite Your Family Members

Once you have planned all of the above, most of the work is done. Now the most important thing left to do is to contact each of your family members. You can create a Facebook event, send a mass email, or send out printed invitations.

Final Word

With proper planning, your family reunion will be the one you and your family will remember for years to come. The tips provided above will get you started, but there are many other things to consider as you plan your family reunion. If you need any help, you can always hire a professional family reunion planning service.

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