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More Than Just Food- You Should Expect These 4 Things from the Best Wedding Caterers

Unless onsite catering is provided by a wedding venue, you need to find a suitable caterer to provide food and drink for the special day. Given the importance of a wedding, you never want to settle for second best, especially when it comes to catering.

Good food and drink are part and parcel of any wedding, so taking the time to choose a great wedding caterer is certainly worthwhile, but a catering company is more than just food. In fact, you can expect a lot more, as the best wedding caterers provide an expansive range of services to make your special day an unforgettable one.

Let’s look at 4 things you should expect from the best wedding caterers:

1. Planning Your Menu

Wedding caterers aren’t just here to prepare the food for the wedding - they take an active role in planning out the entire menu.

From recommending foods to accommodating special diets and requirements, the best caterers help plan the wedding menu from scratch and don’t rest until you are completely happy.

To ensure you like the foods, expect tastings weeks or months in advance, allowing you to make any changes depending on what you like and dislike. Some may even be able to help with your wedding cake!

2. Serving Staff

The best catering companies don’t just provide the food - they can provide experienced serving staff to wait on wedding guests.

This is a great way to ensure a reliable and professional service from the waiters, as wedding caterers have experienced wait staff that know the best serve the food in an efficient and courteous manner.

Better still, catering staff are briefed on the food and drinks available at the wedding, allowing them to explain the items being offered and any ingredients used, which is certainly important for guests with special dietary requirements.

3. Bar Service

Not all venues have access to a bar, in which case you may want this service from your caterer, with many companies providing a full bar service on top of their food service. Licensed caterers can provide all the essentials needed for a wedding bar, whether it’s a few bartenders or waiting staff providing table service.

4. Dinnerware and Linens

You will find that any good wedding caterer should be able to provide linens and dinnerware for the venue, as you’re not always guaranteed this from the venue holder. Most wedding caterers accommodate this, so you can expect some quality dinnerware and linens that fit within the overall theme and décor of the event.

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