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5 Ways to Ensure a Good Attendance at Your Company Picnic

Company picnics are an excellent idea for several reasons. It is an event that gets all of the employees out of the office and in a natural, relaxed setting. It is one of the best company activities that boost employee morale. However, attendance at company picnics has fallen in recent years. So, in order to ensure a good attendance at your company picnic, you must plan the event carefully and design it in such a way that it appeals to all your employees.

Following are 5 ways to ensure a good attendance at your company picnic:

1. Announce Early

It is recommended that you announce the date of your company picnic at least a month before the picnic. This is because your employees will feel left out if they are not informed earlier and the date of the picnic clashes with their pre-existing plans. If possible, you should take votes on the date of the picnic and announce it early so that you get a better turnout.

2. Post Flyers

Even if you announce early, there will be some employees that will forget about the picnic as it approaches. Design and post flyers if you want to make sure that the picnic stays in everyone’s mind. When designing the poster or flyer, make sure that the location and date are clearly visible. Place the flyers in meeting rooms, break rooms, bathrooms, on the cubicles, and other high traffic areas in your office. In this way, your employees will stay reminded about the big day.

3. Promote the Prizes

Everyone loves prizes and rewards. It is highly recommended that you promote prizes that your employees can get from attending the picnic and participating in certain activities at the picnic. This will surely ensure a good attendance at your company picnic as your employees will have an incentive to come to the event.

4. Include Families

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Invite families of your employees to your company picnic and make sure that the date of the picnic isn’t inside the working hours of your employees. Organizing any event on weekends decreases the attendance because most people prefer spending their free time with their families. However, if you invite the families of your employees as well, it will boost attendance of your company picnic. Not to mention, it will also add more meaning to the picnic as you will remind your employees that you care about their families.

5. Hire a Good Catering Company

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Quality food plays a key role in the success of every event. One great way to entice your employees is to offer a wide variety of food and drinks at the picnic. For the best results, it is highly recommended that you hire a good catering company for your company picnic. An experienced catering company will surely make your picnic more successful and you will also be making sure that everyone who attends the event has something to eat that they love. The catering company will deal with food preparation, serving, and clean up, hence allowing you to focus on more important matters related to the event.

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